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Product catalog for Autumn 2017 

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Momiji Set ¥ 12,700

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The wines you need for November

1 - Domaine Wolfberger - Grand Cru Hengst 2014

100% Pinot Gris
Here a sweet but very well balenced alsace wine. It will go perfectly with your hard cheese or foie gras at the apperitif or during a meal with some white fish with a white sauce. 
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2- Domaine Pech Redon - La Centaurée 2014

80% Bourboulenc, 20% Grenache blanc
This wine from AOC La Clape is composed of a beautiful aromatique bouquet. You won't be able to resiste this well made vintage.
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3- Domaine Nouvelle Donne - Kashmir 2012

100 % Carignan
A fruit bomb! Juicy wine with depth, finesse and great drinkability. This is the result of old vines of carignan vinified to get maximum freshness and juiciness, and with little SO2.
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4- Domaine Danjou Banessy - Les Truiffières 2013

60% Grenache, 40% Carignian
“Truffiere” is the name of a small parcel of schist planted with very old Carignan and Grenache. This wine is a flowery and incredibly fresh and light Grenache from Roussillon.  
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