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Christmas Set ¥ 14,100

Roussillon Appellation Maps

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Party Set ¥ 11,890

The wines you need for December

1 - Domaine Decelle Vila - Bourgogne Chardonnay 2015

100% Chardonnay
Made from a blend of two top quality parcels situated in Puligny Montrachet and completed
by village appellation grapes, DECELLE-VILLA Bourgogne Chardonnay is very characteristic
of the wines from Côte de Beaune.
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2- Domaine Sanger - Voyage 360°

1/3 Pinot Noir 1/3 Pinot Mernier 1/3 Chardonnay
Drinking this beautiful Champagne will transport you into a delicious journey into the
heart of the Champagne region. This cuvée is a blend of grapes from 42 Champagne Villages 
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3- Domaine Olivier Pithon - Clot 2014

100% Grenache
This bottle is an amazing combination of richness and frechness that
will sruprise many of you ! One of the moste grand scale wine of Roussillon !
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4- Domaine Roc Des Anges - Austral 2015

100% old syrah
Australe is a tactile, suave red, with fine tannins unfolding gracefully.
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