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About Cépages


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The wines you need for October

1 - Domaine Schoenheitz - Val Saint Gregoire 2013

100% Pinot Gris
Here a sweet but very well balenced alsace wine. It will go perfectly with your hard cheese or foie gras at the apperitif or during a meal with some white fish with a white sauce. 
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2- Domaine Guillaume Overnoy - Charmille

100% Chardonney
A wonderful Chardonney from Jura, very different from the Chardonney of other areas. The amazing subtility and finess is to discover and make discover to your friends.
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3- Domaine Julien Pilon - "La Porchette"

100 % Syrah
A beautiful epression of violette with silky tannins from the wood.
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4- Domaine Les Ondines - Plan de Dieu 

80% Grenache, 20% Syrah
Plan de Dieu wil seduce you with it's aromas of blackberry, morello cherry with some garrigue fragrance. This is an pleasant bouquet with a round and wide mouth carry by silky tannins. The final est full of finesse and fruits.
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