Domaine Danjou-Banessy

Located at Espira, a few kilometres away from Rivesaltes, Domaine Danjou-Banessy is an old family estate that was producing only fortified and dry rancio wines until Benoit took over from his father 10 years ago. His brother, Sebastien, an English teacher, joined the domaine full time 5 years ago. They are now producing dry whites and reds from very old vines of local grapes such as their rare and original carignan gris. Their soil has always been free from any chemicals; their father and grandfather were bio before anyone else.  They are as non-interventionist as possible in the cellar. Benoit and Sebastien are Catalans but friends with many neo-vignerons that came from all over the world to Roussillon to produce great wines. Tradition and open-mindedness could explain the quality of their wines.






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Wines from this Winery

Danjou Banessy - Supernova

This is a stunning entry for orange wine for those not familiar with that style and for the converted, simply an incredibly aromatic and fresh wine.

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Danjou Banessy Cotes du Roussillon Roboul

This cuvee’s name comes from the river “el Robol”. A fine and elegant wine made from the youngest vines (30 years old!!) on the estate.

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Danjou Banessy Cote du Roussillon Coste

Coste is a 100% Maccabeu. Freshness, minerality, balance: a great wine from this local grape of Roussillon.

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Danjou Banessy Côte du Roussillon Village - Truffières Rouge

“Truffiere” is the name of a small parcel of schist planted with very old Carignan and Grenache. This wine is a flowery and incredibly fresh and light Grenache from Roussillon. 

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Danjou Banessy Cotes du Roussillon villages les Mirandes

“Mirandes” is the name of a local basaltic rock. It is an explosive syrah from the Roussillon: complex, rich, and elegant with ripe tannins. Evocative of superb wines from St Joseph.

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Danjou Banessy - Le Clos des Escounils
Danjou Banessy Cotes du Roussillon Les Myrs

“Myrs” is the name of a small parcel of very old Carignan. Benoit Danjou aptly calls this grape the “Poulsard of Catalonia” for its floral aromas, elegance and freshness. 

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Danjou Banessy IGP Cote Catalane La Truffiere Blanc

La Truffiere is one of the most intense, pure, vibrant white wines from Roussillon. Made at low yields from the very rare Carignan gris. Less than 1000 bottles of this gem are produced every year.

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Danjou Banessy Côte du Roussillon Espurna
Danjou Banessy Cotes du Roussillon - Estaca
Danjou Banessy - Rancio Vin Doux Naturel