Le Rocher des Violettes

The vineyard covers 13 hectares wide including 9ha in Montlouis sur Loire AOC and 4ha in Touraine AOC, in the districts of Saint-Martin le Beau, on the north side of the valley of the Cher, a small village near Montlouis sur Loire.

All plots are very fragmented and heterogeneous, both in terms of the age of the vines as the soils and grape varieties

Most parcels were planted before 1940 and has already celebrated 120 years old! The benefit of old vines is that they regulate themselves: quality and quantity of wines is more regular, including "small vintages" (when a vintage is complicated).


34 Rue de la Roche 37150 Dierre






Montlouis Sur Loire, Tourraine

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Wines from this Winery

Le Rocher des Violettes - Côt Vieille Vigne

This wine has a very dark color. You will be able found aromas of orange, dark fruits and spices. In the mouth the wine is very supple but then you will feel tannins with all the aromas you smelled. The final is also tannic with an inch of freshness but very long.

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Le Rocher des Violettes - Touche Mitaine

A tender and dry white wine with aromas of quince fruits, lemon, a touch of flowers and a beautiful aromas of minerality.

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Le Rocher des Violettes - Pétillant Originel

Mouthwatering bubbles, elegant, generous, natural and fruity!

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Le Rocher des Violettes - Negrette Vieille Vigne

This wine is pulpy, mineral whith a touch of white flowers and dry fruits.

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