Domaine Alain Chabanon

The estate was created in 1992, start to be organic in 2002 and biodynamic in 2011. Today there is 17 hectares of vines. In 26 years his production involved from 2.000 bottles to 55.000 bottles a year.

The Terroir
The parcels of vines totaling 17 hectares are evenly scattered around five villages. This configuration allows him to benefit from numerous microclimates and different types of soil.
“My vision of wine can be summed up in two words – finesse and elegance. I seek to make wines that are different, that have real personality.
Wines that can stand comparison with some of the best crus in the world, and can complement the finest cuisine.”

The vineyard
The entire vineyard is cultivated following biodynamic principles. The earth is simply ploughed, without recourse to herbicides, and our treatments shun the use of all synthetic chemical products.

The Vinification
The grapes are picked entirely by hand and only between the hours of 7.00am and midday to benefit from the cool of the morning.
The afternoons are devoted to grape sorting. This is an important operation which eliminates all undesirable elements and makes sure that only the healthiest grapes go into the vats, to guarantee the quality of this wine in the making.
Only indigenous yeast are used for the wine making process.

Alain Chabanon
As the son of two teachers, nothing predisposed him to take on a vineyard and become a winegrower.
His very first grape harvest was at the age of 14 but he didn’t like it, his dream was to rear traditional cows from the area. It was with this in mind that he started studying agronomy in Bordeaux. And then work placements in the wine producing chateaux and some decisive encounters with their cellar-masters changed his point of view. He discovered that running a vineyard and winemaking could be absolutely fascinating.
After specializing in oenology he spent several years alongside winemakers of repute: Alain Brumont in Madiran, then in Corsica and finally as Director of a wine cooperative in the Gard.






Coteaux du Languedoc, IGP Pays d'Oc, VDP d'Oc

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Wines from this Winery

Domaine Alain Chabanon VDP d'Oc Le petit merle aux alouettes

This “petit merle aux alouettes”, exclusively made with merlot, is very seductive thanks to its juicy fruitiness and smooth tannins.

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Domaine Alain Chabanon Languedoc Campredon

Lively, floral, youthful, this Southern Rhone blend (syrah, Grenache, mourvedre) is sensational. It has the right balance of fruit, spice and structure.

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Domaine Alain Chabanon VDP d'OC Petit Trelans

Younger brother of the famed cuvee ‘Trelans’, its blend is similar but it is aged in tank to keep its fruit and liveliness.

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Domaine Alain Chabanon Coteaux du Languedoc Les Boissieres

The fresh terroirs of Terrasses du Larzac allow Alain to produce such an elegant and fine Grenache-based wine.

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Domaine Alain Chabanon VDP d'OC Trelans

An original blend of vermentino and chenin. It is a fat, rich wine, balanced by a great acidity with aromas of ripe yellow fruits.

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Domaine Alain Chabanon
Domaine Alain Chabanon Coteaux du Languedoc Esprit de Font Caude

This cuvee is a blend of exuberance and rigour. It is a serious wine with a lot of fruits. One of the great classics from Languedoc!

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Domaine Alain Chabanon Coteaux du Languedoc Saut de cote

An unusual taste for a wine mostly made with Mourvèdre. The complex mouth is fresh and elegant with a great balance. The final is long and tight.  Great ageing potential.

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