Clos du Serres

‘We wanted to change our lives, to move south to the only region where there is still land to clear’ 

‘We wanted to change our lives, to move south to the only region where there is still land to clear’ 

Sébastien Fillon was born in the Loire and first worked as an engineer. At 30, he switched careers and became a winemaker. In 2006, Sébastien and his wife Béatrice bought Domaine le Clos du Serres in the relatively new Terrasses du Larzac appellation. ‘Serres’ translates as ‘hills’ in Occitan dialect. This large shift in temperature between day and night helps the grapes mature slowly, increasing complexity and maintaining acidity. Clos du Serres produces terroir-driven wines with lovely fruit and freshness.

The Terroir 
“There’s everything one needs to make great wine: diverse and arid soil, deep water and a very special climate where the sun is tempered by the proximity to the limestone Larzac plateau which brings in cool air during the summer nights. “

In the vinyard
They are working the soil to protect the individuality and encourage insects diversity in the vines. From 2016 they put their own bees in the vineyard. 

The Vinification
After picking the grapes by hand there are sorted again and put in big tronconic concrete vats or smaller ones made of glass fiber with floating ‘hats’. When the vinification is over the wine is aged in tank.







Languedoc, Languedoc blanc, Languedoc Terrasses du Larzac

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Wines from this Winery

Clos du Serres Terrasses du Larzac La Blaca

La Blaca means white oak in Occitan. Clos du Serres is located between 2 distinct climatic zones: Mediterranean and mountainous. This microclimate where the Mediterranean Holm Oak and the northern White Oak live together is one of the reasons for this wine’s complexity and freshness.

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Clos du Serres  Terrasse du Larzac blanc Saut du Poisson

The vines grow on red schist and very rare old ‘ruffes’ red soil close to a small volcano; the site is known locally as the ‘fish leap’ (saut du poisson). This cuvee is very aromatic and mineral.

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