Mas Saint Louis

The estate was established by Jean-Louis Geniest over a hundred years ago with some family land. Jean-Louis Geniest came from a long line of coopers from the Rhone valley known since the eighteenth century. His work was continued by his son Louis and grand son Jean, a prominent lawyer and doctor of law, and by Monique Geniest, his wife who now runs the estate. The vineyard is a beautiful and homogeneous plot of over 30 hectares. Monique is focusing on the improvement of the soil works, as well as the ageing of wines. Mathieu Faurie-Grepo and Vincent Tramier are helping Monique Geniest to run the estate. 

The veinard
The vineyard is located on the south part of the appellation, in known places like “Crousroute” and “La Lionne”. The farming is traditional and respectful of the environment by using human hand work as there first choice.

The terroir
The soil is sandy made of rolled rocks terrace and molasse layer, typical of the appellation. Those famous rocks are gathering heat during the day and relive it during the night, this natural system bring the grapes to its optimal maturity.

The vinification
Hand harvesting.
they prefer to macerate the grape in inox vat for a long period, almost one month, to extract as much color and aromas as possible.
then they aged the wine in oak foudre which will bring fine tannins and complex aromas typical of “Chateauneuf Du Pape” appellation.

Mas St Louis’ Grenache are as elegant and delicate as Pinot noir and their texture is magnificient.





Rhone Valley


Chateauneuf du Pape, Chateauneuf du Pape blanc

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Wines from this Winery

Domaine Mas Saint Louis Classique

Made from 80 yrs old vine on sandy and stony soil the finesse, juiciness and elegance of this Chateauneuf is incredible. A pleasure to drink now.

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Domaine Mas Saint Louis Les Arpents

Les arpents des contrebandiers (smugglers), from old vines planted near a river arm used a century ago by smugglers, is a chateauneuf of splendid fruit, finesse and power. Absolutely delicious! And incredible value!

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Domaine Mas Saint Louis Grande Reserve