Château Pech Redon

« I like to feel that La Clape has made me. The strength of the terroir has taught me modesty. He is the one who decides and makes his mark. The winemaker is only an artisan who makes shine what Mother Nature wants to give us. Year after year I gained some serenity. And little by little it came upon me that I had to respect this wild nature around me. Over time I understood something: if you don’t respect nature, you don’t respect yourself. So I stopped using chemicals and began to farm organically. It is so obvious now that the estate is in the middle of a protected natural area. Being organic allowed me to revitalize the soils, bring more balance and vigor into the wines, and helped me live in harmony with this land that welcomed me.

I like to know that La Clape was an island long time ago. Perhaps even an archipelago.
The Roman used to call it The Laci Insula (The island of lakes). Between the small valleys there used to be pounds that are now vineyards (including Pech Redon), vestige of the past even older when there were only some white cliffs above them. Those vestiges are still marking the landscape. This is why we can find marine fossils at 150m of altitude. La Clape is a wild and untouched massif from where the Mediterranean sea can be seen.”

Christophe Bousquet



route de Gruissan F-11100 Narbonne






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Wines from this Winery

Château Pech Redon Les Cades

A red wine young and fruity, drinable in any season, slightly chill.

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16 BD
15 RVF
Château Pech Redon L'Epervier

This full bodied red is lovely and élégant, with plenty of ripe black berries and garrigue herbs and structured tannins. Outstanding value.

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17 BD
15 RVF
Normally ¥ 3,545
SALE PRICE ¥ 3,000
Château Pech Redon La Centaurée

This wine from AOC La Clape is composed of a beautiful aromatique bouquet. You won't be able to resiste this well made vintage.

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16 RVF
Normally ¥ 4,470
SALE PRICE ¥ 4,000