Domaine le Roc des Anges

Roc Des anges was founded in Febuary 2001. A Carignan vine planted on a vein of quartz is biheind the origin of the name. a white soil surrounded by black schist: the “Lieu-Dit” is called “Roc Blanc” which translates as White Rock. Angels where chosen to symbolize the vein of quartz, and Roc Blanc became Roc Des Anges (Roc of the Angles).

The Terroir
 The vineyard lies on topsoil of very old schist (750 million years) soft and flaky, drived from the compaction of pure clay. The bedrock is less than one meter deep. It’s very friable, wich allows an excellent root penetration. These conditions give the vines a chance to get a second wind as June brings drought and warm weather.

The Vinification and aging
Simplicity is the rule, yet it is the most difficult to follow. They observe, they taste, they wait, and they guide the wine toward the fullest expression of terroir. The aging requirement varies according to vintages. Many of the wines are aged in concrete vats: the wine breath and the fruit is reserved. Aging in wood allows the more tight and reticent wines to soften and open up. For this reason they buy premium Burgundy barrels (3 to 5 years of age), and a few new barrels.

Marjorie and Stephane Gallet
Marjorie was exposed to wine at an early age (she grew up near Côte Rôtie), she earned her degree at Montpellier while doing apprenticeships with Yves Cuilleron and Pierre Gaillard in the northern Rhone.



66720 Latour-de-France






Cotes du Roussillon, VDP Cotes Catalanes, VDP Pyrennees Orientales

Photo Gallery

Wines from this Winery

Roc des Anges Cotes du Roussillon Effet Papillon

‘Effet Papillon’ (butterfly effect) is seen by Marjorie as the first step into the greatness of mineral and pure whites from the Roussillon.

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Roc des Anges Cotes du Roussillon Segna de Cor

The wine with four ‘S’: soft, smooth, silky and smoky! From the rock of the angels springs the blood (Segna) of the heart (Cor). This domaine entry-level wine is longer, finer and deeper than most other estates' regular cuvee!

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Roc des Anges Cotes du Roussillon Llum

Old vines of Grenache Gris reveal the quality of the terroir. This wine is fresh and as sharp as a blade.

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Roc Des Anges IGP Cotes Catalanes Asterolide
Roc Des Anges IGP Cotes Catalanes Unic
Roc Des Anges IGP Cotes Catalanes Austral
Roc des Anges - Vignes Metissées

It is an amazing blend of 15 different grapes. 

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Roc des Anges - Chamane
Roc des Anges Cotes du Roussillon  Imalaya

From carignan gris vines (only about 20 hectares left in France ) planted at an elevation of 500 meters on Granite, this wine has a distinctly hardcore minerality, great freshness and a vibrant fruit that reminds us that we are in Southern France.

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Roc des Anges Cotes du Roussillon villages Reliefs

A very appealing, ripe and harmonious blend from old vines of Carignan, Grenache and some Syrah. Impossible to resist to the generosity and sweetness of the fruit.

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Roc des Anges IGP Côtes Catalanes - Cioran
Roc des anges VDP des Pyrennees Orientales Carignan 1903

From Carignan vines planted on schist in 1903, a mixture of force and elegance for one of the finest (and most looked after) wines from the Roussillon.

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Le Roc Des Anges - Pi Vell
Roc des Anges VDP des Pyrennees Orientales Iglesia Vella

Old vines of Grenache Gris located near the old church, “Iglesia Vella” in Catalan. A superb wine with purity, tension and finesse.

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Roc des Anges VDP des Pyrennees Orientales l'Oca

Selection parcellaire of old vines of Macabeu whose parcel looks like a goose, “Oca” in Catalan. The wine is pure, fresh and with great tension, like sculpted in the rock.

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18 RVF
90 TWA
Roc des Anges VDP des Pyrennees Orientales Las Trabasseres

From Carignan vines planted in 1913 on schist rich in iron and silica, whose parcel is cut by a path that runs along the hillside, Las Trabasseres in Catalan. The cuvee that demonstrates the nobility and elegance of Carignan when farmed at low yields.

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