Domaine Les Terres de Fagayra

The Gallets, owners and winemakers of Domaine le Roc des Anges, have acquired in 2007 a tiny new Domaine, Les Terres de Fagayra, giving Marjorie’s husband, Stephane, a chance to utilize the special talents for Maury that he honed as winemaker while at nearby Mas Amiel. This little known appellation yields wines of great structure and flavour. These are fortified wines made in a similar style to Port. Their three cuvees are stunning. More than good fortified wines they also display freshness, brightness and mineral smokiness. To say that Stephane is off to a flying and successful start would be an understatement.







Wines from this Winery

Terres de Fagayra Maury blanc

An energetic fortified white wine from old grenache gris and macabeu with bright citrus fruits and freshness.

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Terres de Fagayra Maury rouge

A fortified red wine from old grenache with bright fruit and whose sweetness has become perfectly integrated.

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Terres de Fagayra Maury Op Nord

A fortified red wine from old grenache and carignan with fresh fruit acidity and vivacity that feels like a dry wine.

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Terres de Fagayra Maury tuile
Terres de Fagayra Rivesaltes ambre