Domaine des Soulanes

The estate is named after the local word (Soulane) for a south-southeast facing hillside. Now 18 hectares in the stoney hilly back-lands between Tautavel and Maury it is owned by Cathy and Daniel Laffite. It's nothing but hard dry stones and flaky schist. According to Mark James (, Daniel quipped "I get through two pairs of climbing boots a year!" The farming is organic ("It's more philosophical than a marketing thing for us"). They spend a lot of time working the 'soil' encouraging the vines to grow deep roots to reach water, as "we only get 400mm or so of rain here." Daniel favors wines with bright fruits, fresh flavors and silky tannins.






VDP Cotes Catalanes

Wines from this Winery

Soulanes VDP Cotes Catalanes Kaya Blanc

Spicy and fruity, with an incredible tension. This wine is made to match chicken and raw fish.

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Soulanes Maury sec Bastoul Laffite

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Soulanes Maury Rouge Vieilles Vignes

A vintage port-like wine made in the traditional style of Southern France that would perfectly pair with blue cheese and chocolate.

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Soulanes Maury Hors d'Age

Solera of more than 20 years (blend of 20 vintages). The oxidation results in delicious rancio flavours, creating a really complex expressive wine. A dessert by itself! 

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