Champagne Pierre Baillette

Périne Baillette, daughter of Pierre Baillette, is now the owner of the family champagne at Trois-Puits. She lives and breath for her wines. She also managed perfectly to express every terroir of every cuvée with talent.

The family now owns 3.65 hectares of Grand Cru and producing about 13.000 bottles.
Most of the grapes (35 years old) are from Rilly la Montagne and Trois-Puis, there is also some Chardonnay from Verzenay Grand Cru.
Since 2010 no pesticide are used on the vines. She also tries to use as less as possible machines, so the vines are growing wild. But two horses (Tarzan et Saumur) are often walking in the vineyard. Those horses are owned by his husband, Alexandre Chartogne, who is now leading the famous Chartogne-Taillet House of Champagne.

She aslo doesn’t use any yeast and to be able to obtain as pure champagne as possible, the addition of dosage liquor is very little.
wines are aged in the basement between 3 to 6 years and at least 6 month into bottle before it sell.


 14 Gr Grande Rue 51500 Trois-Puits







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