Clos Des Fées Images Derisoires 2015

Clos Des Fées Images Derisoires


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Unique wine with character made with Tempranillo and old Carignan.

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About this Wine

Country France
Region Roussillon
Appellation VDP Pyrennees Orientales
Winery Clos des Fees
Vintage 2015
Color Red
Varietal(s) 80% Tempranillo, also called “Tinto Fino” and 17% Carignan planted after the war and 3% Syrah
Closure Natural Cork
Volume 750ml
Alcohol 14%
Product Code 15R062
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Tasting notes

Blueberry preserves and dark tobacco mingle on a sumptuous, texturally-refined, soothing palate with accents of black pepper, brown spices, mint, and a Tempranillo-typical note of tobacco ash. This wine displays remarkable richness, polish, and persistence.


Grilled beef, saddle of lamb.





Density of 7,000 stocks per hectare. Bush pruning, on individual poles. Hand harvest.


Destemmed, pre-fermentation maceration for several days. Traditional vinification with slow fermentation for about two weeks, with light pumping over and soft daily punching down. Aged in vats on lees with frequent open pumping over to avoid reduction. Bottling after light filtration and minimum SO2.


Winery Description

« I had a vision that in Roussillon, we could produce great wines equal to the best. Now this dream is becoming a reality »

A restaurateur and wine writer in previous lives, Hervé Bizeul practices a ruthlessly controlled viticultural regimen in the dramatically rocky, yet clay-permeated limestone environment north of Vingrau. Add to this a fruit-pampering vinification, and the result is wines that have turned heads every bit as much as does the local scenery and brought Bizeul well-deserved recognition as a beacon of Roussillon quality. Hervé tries to « search for and retain the fruit to make rich, Mediterranean, flavoursome wines traditional to this area »

The Estate
Lost in a desert of garrigues, bordered by walls of dry stones, Le Clos des Fées looks like a picture-perfect postcard. The stones were taken out of the vineyards one by one, by hand or pulled by a horse, then patiently and skillfully stacked by generations of wine growers from another era. 

The Terroir
The vines are growing on 7 different areas. Each area has its own special terroir.  There is some rare soil with alluveal red clay which contain a high proportion of rolled stones like those to be found in Châteaneuf-du-Pape. These acid soils give exceptional intensity to the Mourvèdre grape. The schistose marls of the cretaceous era produce shallow black soils which allow the vines to root deeply. This is the kingdom of Grenache noir and Syrah. On the limestone plateau where the wind blows more than 250 days per year, the elders favored planting Grenache Blanc (100 years old plots). 

The Vinification
The vinification is traditional. The ageing depend about the cuvee. For the Sorcière the wine age in stainless steel tank, the Vieille Vigne is aged in oak barrels and the Clos des Fées is vinified and aged in oak barrels. 

What exactly does the word «Clos des Fées» mean?
In French, a «Clos» is a small parcel of vines surrounded by walls. A Fée is a «mythical being, in general a woman, with magical powers» which she uses with the help of a magic wand. Le Clos des Fees is a vineyard where the fairies would have lived, if they existed. 

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