Le Clos Des Centenaires - Sur Le Pont Viognier 2017

Le Clos Des Centenaires - Sur Le Pont Viognier


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About this Wine

Country France
Region Southern Rhône
Appellation IGP D'Oc
Winery Le Clos Des Centenaires
Vintage 2017
Color White
Grapes Viognier
Closure Crown
Volume 750ml
Product Code 17W1291
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Tasting notes

Predominantly apricot, pear and a hint of honeysuckle, elegant and mineral finish 


Cold cuts, green asparagus, crab salad, goat and sheep fresh cheese



Villafranchian rounded pebbles («galets roulés» in French), continental climate 


Vinification in stainless steel tank, ageing on lees for 3 months 


Winery Description

This domain project is a result between two winemakers (Luc Baudet and Bruno François) putting together their passion of wine. Together they elaborate honest and deep wines, perfect match for gastronomy food. 

This 7-hectare estate is located on the side of a hill made of Villafranchiens rolled rocks surrounded by centenarian olive-tree.

2 kms away from the vineyard there is the natural reserve of “Petite Camargue” and the Mediterranean Sea is less than 20 kms. This location allows the climate to be uniquely steady with a nice mildness.
there is two different alternated winds. From the North one dominating wind Mistral like and one thermal breeze from the South South-Ouest creating a tempered summer which enable the grapes to get to maturation slowly.

The soil is naturally covered with grass and they partially dig it over. They are taking a really good care of the soil dynamization by adding homemade biodynamic compost.
Inputs are limited to natural products without pesticides approved for organic farming.

After tasting the grapes every day, they decide to harvest. Harvests are 100% handed.
Using indigenous yeast, the wine making process is traditional.

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