Pithon VDP cotes catalanes D18 2011

Pithon VDP cotes catalanes D18


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A single parcel, rich and complex wine made from old vines of Grenache gris and blanc. An iconic cuvee from Southern France.

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About this Wine

Country France
Region Roussillon
Appellation VDP Cotes Catalanes
Winery Domaine Olivier Pithon
Vintage 2011
Color White
Varietal(s) Grenache gris (50%), Grenache blanc (50%).
Closure Natural Cork
Volume 750ml
Alcohol 13%
Product Code 11W243
Other BIO, No SO2
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Tasting notes

The D18 leads with scents of green tea as well as oceanic saline and alkaline notes that presage saliva-inducing salinity and elusive mineral notes on the palate, and which persist through a mouth watering finish. At the same time, there is a haunting if also elusive floral dimension throughout. On the fruit front, quince, pineapple, and lime lusciously advertise their wares while preserving clarity and refinement.


Sea fish, shellfish, white meats and goat cheese.





Bush pruning (gobelet). Leaf Thinning and pruning. Biodynamic farming. Hand harvest.


Direct pressing. Fermented with indigenous yeasts and aged in wooden vat for 14 months.


Winery Description

Olivier Pithon has been involved with wine from a very early age. His Grandfather was a vine grower in Anjou and when Olivier was four, his big brother, the famed Jo Pithon, settled on the hillsides of Layon. After learning his craft in Bordeaux where he was taught "the sensitivity to how wines can become pleasure, balance and lightness", Olivier settled down in the village of Calce, where he met with Gerard Gauby. Olivier's wines are inspired. They achieve a balance between character and nature that has to be the envy of all wine makers. His goal is to make the wine as good as possible by getting as much out of the soil as he can, whilst respecting the environment and considering the problem of leaving to generations to come healthy soil.

The terroir of Calce 
Calce (calcar) is a unique village between the Mediterranean, the Pyrénées and the Corbières. Located at a 300 meters’ height, the vines are situated on terroir of limestone and schist. 

The farming & vinification 
 Olivier is an adept of Biodynamic farming and as little intervention during the wine-making. From the ground to the bottle, Olivier Pithon is focused on one simple rule: making wines the most naturally possible and in the respect of the environment. Which means that not only without any chemicals but also with the environmental cycle as natural as possible, including the use of cows, bees and sowing.



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