Clos du Serres Discovery Set (3 bottle(s))

Clos du Serres Discovery Set

Domaine Clos Du Serres Dicovery Set

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Included in this set

1 x Clos du Serres Languedoc blanc Saut du poisson 2013

The vines grow on red schist and very rare old ‘ruffes’ red soil close to a small volcano; the site is known locally as the ‘fish leap’ (saut du poisson). This cuvee is very aromatic and mineral.

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  • 90TWA

1 x Clos du Serres Languedoc Le Clos 2013

The wine is light, mouth-watering, crisp and fruity.

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  • 89TWA

1 x Clos du Serres Terrasses du Larzac La Blaca 2012

La Blaca means white oak in Occitan. Clos du Serres is located between 2 distinct climatic zones: Mediterranean and mountainous. This microclimate where the Mediterranean Holm Oak and the northern White Oak live together is one of the reasons for this wine’s complexity and freshness.

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  • 90TWA