Mas Champart Discovery Set (4 bottle(s))

Mas Champart Discovery Set

Summer is here !

Let our wines carry you into another world. But first have a look at Domaine Mas Champart Focus  (Click Here) to discover the history behind those amazing wines.

4 bottle(s) ¥ 10,700

Included in this set

1 x Mas Champart St Chinian Cote d'Arbo 2013

A real immediate pleasure at a friendly price.

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1 x Mas Champart St Chinian blanc 2013

A wine with bright acidity. It stays nicely balanced between fruit maturity and freshness and will be versatile on the dinner table.

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1 x Mas Champart St Chinian Causse du Bousquet 2011

A vivaciously fresh-fruited, complex and balanced wine with a great drinkability. A very Northern Rhone-ish, high quality St. Chinian.

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1 x Mas Champart IGP Pays d'Oc 2012

Great balance between (over)ripeness and freshness and minerality from 110 years old Terret gris vines.

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