Domain Tribouley Discovery Set (5 bottle(s))

Domain Tribouley Discovery Set

This month we're going do discover Domain Tribouley. This winery make what we call "nature" wines. In other words, wines without any added chemistry.

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Included in this set

1 x Tribouley Cotes du Roussillon Mani 2014

Through this cuvee Jean Louis pays tribute to his brother, Mani, but also to his family and to his land that is so generous. Like this wine.

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1 x Tribouley Cotes du Roussillon Copines 2012

A wild and powerful wine with incredible freshness made with almost no sulphur, to be shared with friends (“copines” in French).

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1 x Tribouley Cotes du Roussillon Alba 2012

Wild and powerful wine with underlying lush intense finish made with almost no sulphur.

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1 x Tribouley VDP Cotes Catalanes Trois Lunes 2011

A complex bouquet of fruits, elegance and so much freshness. An exciting wine from Jean Louis Tribouley.

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1 x Tribouley VDP cotes catalanes GG 2015

A very low production, intense, fresh and complex wine from Macabeu and Grenache gris. This wine is precise, clear-cut like crystal. Impossible to resist drinking another glass!

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