Domaine Montrose (4 bottle(s))

Domaine Montrose
  • Family terroir

Montrose is located in the South of France, in the Languedoc region, just a few kilometres from Pézenas and the Mediterranean. The property boasts 80ha of vines, grouped together around the estate.

The estate is located in Côtes de Thongue, a small region made up of about fifty producers. The producers of this wine appellation have the particularity of having declined to be granted official AOC certification in order to ensure their own freedom, to be able to create their own personal wines.

Montrose vines are grown on soils that are typical for this wine appellation: Villafranchiens terraces (i.e. with small round pebbles) and clay-limestone. We are also lucky to own vines located on the sides of two volcanos, Montrose and Montredon, which endow our wines with a characteristic flavour.


  • Centuries old history

The name Montrose appears on the first French cadastral maps, the Cassini maps, drawn up after 1756. The name can actually be traced as far back as 1696, but its origin is much older, proof of which can be found in underground cellars dating back to the 16th century.

  • The Three Lizards: family crest since 1701

On 1 July 1701, Joseph Alazard received a crest featuring Three Lizards. Today, his descendants, Bernard and his son Olivier Coste, run Domaine Montrose. As a tribute to their ancestor, The Three Lizards appear on all Montrose bottles.

Ordonnance de Joseph Alazard, ancêtre de la famille Coste

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Included in this set

1 x Montrose Cotes de Thongue Chardonnay 2017

Montrose Chardonnay has character. It is an elegant wine. It has been aged in stainless steel tanks rather than in oak barrels to preserve its freshness, its fruity aromas and its mineralty.

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1 x Montrose Cotes de Thongue Viognier 2017

No boring viognier here. Lively and dashing, this cuvee is remarkable for its intense aromas and freshness. 

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1 x Domaine Montrose Rosé 2017

Montrose’s Rosé is the emblematic wine of the Coste family. There are many reasons for its success. The Coste are winemakers looking for elegance and conviviality, they make continuous efforts to improve quality and the domaine has a predestined name (!)

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1 x Domaine Montrose Prestige Rosé 2017

A very elegant rosé to enyoy chilled. Perfect wine from apperitif to desert when the wheather is hot !

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