Domaine Saint Sylvestre got a new star !


Here the comments from Bettane + Desseauve guide:

Sophie & Vincent Guizard separated their destiny from Domaine Moncalmès. They created this 8 hectares estate, close from Aniane, where some of the vines are in the middle of the woods. Their conduct toward the estate and vinification is led by an obvious good sense and a perfect knowledge of Vincent about the terroir and grapes varieties. The finesse of those wines (white or red) should be taken as an example is Languedoc. In a very short time the estate rich the best level of the area, which we reward by a promotion.

The languedoc wines of the year

Wines at the top of their quality or especially noteworthy, the ones who moved us, reveled itself, the ones who express perfectly the terroir or on the contrary surprised the B+D tasters, wines they will put in their own wine cellar.

Terrasse du larzar 2014 (Domaine Saint Sylvestre)
Voluptuous, full of charm, subtil, rounds tannins, a fresh final and very tasty, the whole is lighten which is very rare in Languedoc.

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Date & Time
  • 13 November 2017

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