Roc d'Anglade


Rémy Pedreno is an intriguing guy; unusually for someone who is now so enthusiastic about wine, he did not touch a drop for the first 22 years of his life. He made his very first wine in 1996 from some bunches of Carignan, just enough for one barrel. And in 1999 he went into partnership with René Rostaing from Côte Rôtie who gave him carte blanche. In 2002 he made his first wine from his own vines. His vineyards are organic, but not biodynamic; everything is handpicked; he uses natural yeast and keeps the sulphur levels as low as possible. And he enthused about Carignan; ‘it’s the Pinot Noir of the Languedoc, a fabulous variety’. Remy Pedreno is a combination of modesty and confidence, and displays commitment and dedication. He never analyses his grapes, only tastes them and he states very firmly that he makes wine according to his own taste. He is not looking for concentration in his wines, but sheer drinking pleasure. Wine is after all made to be drunk and enjoyed.

Country France
Region Languedoc
Appellation VDP Gard