ômina Romana


The Ômina Romana winery is a family business founded in 2007 on the initiative of the Börner family. The choice of location for the business project was made in the Velletri area, about 40 km south of Rome, amidst the green volcanic hills of the Castelli Romani, overlooking the Tyrrhenian Sea.

The Börner family's well-defined vision has inspired every decision in the project: to create a new winery that expresses the highest quality through knowledge, science, consistency and passion in its products.

The geographic position Ômina Romana is based on a strategic position due to the features of its “terroir”. The winds coming from the sea, a few miles from their property, and contrasting those coming from the mountains behind the Alban Hills and the caldera west of the volcano, create the excellent which, thanks to the difference in temperature and to the volcanic soil, allows to express the maximum potential of growing varietals.

A history linked to wine for almost 2,500 years

More than 2,500 years ago, the Etruscans, who had settled in what is now Lazio alongside the ancient Latin peoples, planted vines. For them, wine was the noblest embodiment of the forces of nature, for despite their winemaking, the maturation process remained a divine secret. For the ancient peoples, the success of a vintage depended on the "good omens" (in Latin omina) of the gods. Thus, they considered a warm summer without bad weather as a divine sign of a high-quality harvest.


Country Italy
Region Lazio
Appellation IGP Lazio Bianco, IGP Lazio Rosso

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