Domaine Godier


In 2009, after years working around the world, Véronique and Vincent Godier settled back is France. They bought a small vineyard in Burgundy near Nuits Saint Georges. They own about 1 ha of Nuits Saint Georges in “La Charmotte” and 0.4ha of Chambolle Musigny. The vineyard is conduct with a natural and simplistic approach, trying to help and support the vine in its role of extracting the best from soil and weather. They avoid chemicals while managing grass in the vineyard to control moisture and support the development of a real life of their soils. This full-time human and manual attention to the vines nurtures the development of concentrated natural fruits. Vincent Godier says “We carry out a slow and cautious winemaking process, avoiding pumping and filtration. The wines we like combine fruits, spices and tannins to mature favourably.”

Address 21700 comblanchien
Country France
Region Bourgogne
Appellation Chambolle-Musigny, Côte de Nuits, Nuits-Saint-Georges
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21700 comblanchien

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